pass-through securities backed by credit card receivables. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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card card [kɑːd ǁ kɑːrd] noun [countable]
1. a small piece of plastic or paper that shows that someone belongs to an organization, club etc:

• Employees must show their ID cards at the gate.

• All members are issued with a membership card.

ˌgreen ˈcard also Green Card
1. LAW a document that a foreigner must have in order to live and work legally in the US:

• She has applied for her green card.

2. INSURANCE a British motor insurance document that you need when you drive in a foreign country:

• Most hauliers carry a Green Card to ensure an uninterrupted journey, although the regulations do not insist on this.

ˈloyalty card COMMERCE
a card given by a shop, supermarket etc that gives regular customers lower prices, money back on goods etc:

• The loyalty card offers a 5% discount on the store's own-brand goods.

2. a small piece of stiff paper or plastic that stores information about someone or something:

• A helpful device is to print your presentation ideas on separate index cards.

SˈD card
Secure Digital card a very small card that can store information, and that you use in cameras, mobile phone S etc
ˈSIM card
a small plastic card inside a mobile phone that stores information about the person who uses the phone, and also has memory for storing messages
US /kɑːd/ noun [C]
COMMERCE, BANKING a small rectangular piece of plastic given to a customer by a bank or store that allows them to make payments, take money from their account, etc.: pay with a/use a/pay by card »

You can pay by credit or debit card.


Most businesses won't accept cheques without a card.


He lost his wallet and had to cancel all his cards.


Would you rather pay cash or put it on your card?


When she tried to get money from the machine, her card was refused.

WORKPLACE a small piece of plastic or stiff paper with your signature, photograph, and often other electronic information on it that proves who you are, allows you to enter a particular place, etc.: »

You have to swipe your card to get into the building.


The new style of driver's licence comes with a photo ID card.

(also business card) WORKPLACE, MEETINGS a small card that has your name, company name, and the job you do printed on it: »

He shook my hand politely and gave me his card.

IT a small electronic object that is part of a computer or can be connected to it, making it able to do a particular thing: »

If you have your own computer, you can hire ethernet cards from the college to connect to the network.


An audio interface can be a simple card that plugs into your computer to allow you to route the sound out to your speakers.

See also AFFINITY CARD(Cf. ↑affinity card), BANK CARD(Cf. ↑bank card), CASH CARD(Cf. ↑cash card), CHARGE CARD(Cf. ↑charge card), CHEQUE CARD(Cf. ↑cheque card), CREDIT CARD(Cf. ↑credit card), DEBIT CARD(Cf. ↑debit card), EXPANSION CARD(Cf. ↑expansion card), GOLD CARD(Cf. ↑gold card), GRAPHICS CARD(Cf. ↑graphics card), GREEN CARD(Cf. ↑green card), GREETINGS CARD(Cf. ↑greetings card), ID CARD(Cf. ↑ID card), IDENTITY CARD(Cf. ↑identity card), INDEX CARD(Cf. ↑index card), LOYALTY CARD(Cf. ↑loyalty card), MEMBERSHIP CARD(Cf. ↑membership card), MEMORY CARD(Cf. ↑memory card), NETWORK CARD(Cf. ↑network card), PAYMENT CARD(Cf. ↑payment card), RAILCARD(Cf. ↑railcard), SIMM(Cf. ↑SIMM), SMART CARD(Cf. ↑smart card), SOUND CARD(Cf. ↑sound card), STORE CARD(Cf. ↑store card), STORED VALUE CARD(Cf. ↑stored value card), SWIPE CARD(Cf. ↑swipe card), TIME CARD(Cf. ↑time card), TOP-UP CARD(Cf. ↑top-up card)

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